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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cornet Wales

I just wanted to take the time to salute HRH Prince Harry for his desire to serve his nation as well as the Anglo-American Alliance in truly the toughest part of the world today. What a refreshing position that someone of his stature and station in life when he could have literally anything he wants has chosen to serve instead on the front lines of the War On Terror.

Perhaps more young men who belong to the most elite families in both Britain and America will be moved to do the same and follow his example which in turn will spur lesser well known men to join the ranks of our armed forces en masse.

These are not easy decisions to make considering the consequences but someone must fight for the Anglosphere and someone has to do the dirty work which includes, yes, killing the enemies of America and Britain. They have reached the pinacle of manhood - leaders of men and warriors on the battlefield. There is no more noble cause than this but to lay down your life for your friends and this is done on a nearly daily basis by our fine young men serving in Iraq and Afghanistan in our armed forces.

From the Ministry of Defence in Great Britain:

Deployment of HRH Prince Harry to Iraq Whilst in Iraq, Cornet Wales, as Prince Harry is known in the Army, will carry out a normal troop commander's role, involving leading a troop of 12 men in four Scimitar armoured reconnaissance vehicles, each with a crew of three.

The decision to deploy him has been a military one, made by The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, in conjunction with Cornet Wales' commanding officer. The Royal Household has been consulted throughout.

Speculation about precisely where Cornet Wales will serve, or the exact details of his role, is potentially dangerous. The Ministry of Defence and Clarence House are writing to ask all media organisations to respect this matter of operational security so that Cornet Wales can undertake a normal tour of duty, which is his express wish and that of the Army.

Good luck and God speed.

The Future Combat Systems Class I unmanned aerial vehicle can be carried in a backpack and provides dismounted soldiers with new capabilities in reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition capability on the battlefield. www.army.mil

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hail and Fire

Recently I have blogged on the prophetic references to asteroids that will strike the earth sometime in the future. The earth is replete with other worldly evidence that indeed this planet has been struck on many occaisons with geologic and historical destructive reprecussions. Lately, the flat-earthers like Al Gore have been pushing their global iniatives to unite the planets many different factions to address imagined and real environmental needs in a singular drive to unify the earth's response to future "acts of God".

From the BBC:

A draft UN treaty to determine what would have to be done if a giant asteroid was on a collision course with Earth is to be drawn up this year. The document would set out global policies including who should be in charge of plans to deflect any object.

It is the brainchild of the Association of Space Explorers, a professional body for astronauts and cosmonauts. At the moment, Nasa is monitoring 127 near-Earth objects (NEO) that have a possibility of hitting the Earth.

The association has asked a group of scientists, lawyers, diplomats and insurance experts to draw up the recommendations. The group will have its first meeting in Strasbourg in May this year. It is hoped the final document will be presented to the UN in 2009.

"We believe there needs to be a decision process spelled out and adopted by the United Nations," said Dr Russell Schweickart, one of the Apollo 9 astronauts and founder of the Association of Space Explorers.

Well, well, well what do we have here? They may not be able to actually do anything about it but certainly their intentions are "noble" enough. At least they are addressing the issue if you consider that a good thing.

The threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth is being taken more and more seriously as more and more NEOs are found. In the US, Congress has charged Nasa with the task of starting a more detailed search for life-threatening space rocks.

"Congress has said that Nasa's efforts to date are not sufficient to the threat," said the US space agency's Dr Steven Chesley.

"They have changed Nasa's targets so that the cataloguing and tracking of asteroids is part of its mandate." Congress has asked the agency to mount a much more aggressive survey.

Nasa estimates that there are about 20,000 potentially threatening asteroids yet to be discovered.

"Out of those thousands, there will be without question many that look like they might hit the Earth with a high enough probability that the public and everyone else will be concerned," said Dr Schweickart.

"This has gone from being an esoteric statistical argument to talking about real events," added Dr David Morrison, an astronomer at the Nasa's Ames Research Center.

Of course the devil is in the details. Look closer my friends!

The UN draft treaty would establish who should be in charge in the event of an asteroid heading towards Earth, who would pay for relief efforts and the policies that should be adopted.

In addition, it would set out possible plans to deflect the object.

Ideas could include hitting the asteroid with a spacecraft or rocket to deflect its orbit.

Other less destructive proposals include a "gravity tug" that would simply hover over the asteroid and use gravity as a "towline" to change its path.

Sounds great doesn't it?

But any decision to deflect an NEO could come with its own set of conundrums for the UN, as changing its path may simply alter its final target.

"It's important to understand when you start to deflect an asteroid that certain countries are going to have accept an increase in risk to their populations in order to take the risk to zero for everyone," said Dr Schweickart.

It is difficult decisions like this which can only be addressed by the UN, the Association of Space Explorers believes. And it is under no illusion that the process can be sorted out quickly.

"You have to act when things look like they are going to happen - if you wait until you know for certain, it's too late," said Dr Schweickart.

Hmmm...I wonder if we get a vote on that decision? Something tells me that ain't gunna happen!

Experts who will draw up the treaty include Lord Rees, the English Astronomer Royal and head of the Royal Society; the ex-director of science at the European Space Agency, Roger Bonnet; and former UK government advisor Sir Crispin Tickell.

The proposals were outlined at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting in San Francisco, US.

So, even though there is an American face on this project the real muscle and bones to this endeavor is led by Europa. I love it.

Four "golf ball" protective covers at Thule Air Base, Greenland that house American satellite dishes glow in the darkness of early light.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Useless Idiots

The vote today on the non-binding resolution against the so called "troop surge" in Iraq was about as predictable as Al Gore's pronouncement that America is the reason for global warming. And yet, I'm incredibly incensed at the audicity and blaphemous stand that the Democrats and a small minority of Republicans have taken in regards to the War On Terror.

These bastards don't even have the guts to actually cut the funds to end the war/pacification in Iraq but instead choose to chide the President like the yapping jackals they are. Who do you think benefits from this vote? Our allies? The country? The troops? No! Al Qaida benefits from this seditious act and boy they sure are smiling tonight!! Al Qaida couldn't have asked for a better weapon in their arsenal of terror than a Democrat controlled House of Representatives. Now that is a Wonder Weapon! A pox upon their House!

This Democrat controlled Congress wants Iraq to be VietNam part II. They want us to lose in Iraq as much as they wanted us to lose in VietNam. They have so far called our troops baby killers and Nazi's just as they did in Vietnam over 30 years ago. They have their accomplices in the media just like Vietnam and they have done their damage well with their leftwing propaganda in the Networks and Newspapers. They have their veterans to deflect any criticism that there position might imply a military ignorance such as a James Webb, a John Kerry or a Jack Murtha and yet I say to them even Benedict Arnold was an American war hero at one time! And like Arnold before us they have betrayed the Republic. No, they haven't given West Point to the British but certainly they have given Iraq to Al Qaida! Their flesh says they support the troops but their spirit welcomes their demise on a daily basis as if this proves their cheap points in the halls of Congress. To hell with them for their Quisling position! They have their rationalizations but they do not have any respect or honor.

The President is a lion surrounded by berating jackals and as we all know even a pack of weak kneed dogs can take down a lion with their unrelenting pack mentality with a thousand nipping bites and scratches. Flight 93 crashed in the fields of Pennsylvania and we can only speculate where its final destination was intended and yet this Democrat controlled Congress has completely ignored the past. Maybe it was Congress and not the White House they were ultimately headed? At least Moscow deployed useful idiots to do their bidding in America during the Cold War but this Congress takes the cake. Why have they embraced cowardice before our enemies even as our beautiful young men put their lives on the line for their old sorry asses? Contempt and scorn is all they deserve.

They have given no loyalty to us and they shall receive none from the people. I hold them accountable for our demise both over there and here in our great land. Blood is upon their hands.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Russo-Persian gas alliance and strategic partnership?

There ain't no bad guys,
there ain't no good guys:
its just Sunni, Shia and me....

Who says money can't buy friends?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sailors aboard Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Philadelphia (SSN 690) moor the boat to the pier and hoist the American flag upon return to Naval Submarine Base New London. Strong winds and low temperature in the teens caused ice to engulf the sail of the ship.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Babylon The Great

We live in interesting times. I suppose this could be said just about anytime in history but I really do believe this to be the case in the 21st Century. The process of globalization continues to rend entire cultures and societies from their natavist moorings and plunges them headfirst into a promised utopia where everything will be sweetness and light on a political, commercial, religious and cultural level. From whence does this order arise? Often, the United States gets the blame as the engine and some might say instigator of globalization but I believe if you look closely enough then the tell-tale signs of Western Europe come clearly into view in general and England in particular as they are the brain children of this new world order. Every idea that has sprung forth to fasten the world to one great system of interlocking springs and wheels hails from Europa. It is they not America that actually leads the way towards a uni-polar world in which all nations act with one accord on just about every issue and policy. A multi-national endeavor to smooth over the fault lines of nations, cultures, commerce and religion. This great goal I have dubbed, Babylon the Great, is clearly in the ascendant as far as the trend lines are concerned and is a worldwide phenomena. Babylon the Great has many heads affixed to its body that will need to be identified if one is to recognize the peril that emerges before us.

Political Babylon

Probably the single most recognizable institution for global governance is the United Nations. Born from the ashes of World War II and birthed in San Francisco as the political midway island between Asia and Europa it knows no boundaries. Almost all nations are granted a seat in the UN unless of course your political existence flys in the face of the Security Council's gaze such as Taiwan for the free-chinese or Tibet if occupied under the boot of a communist aggressor. Democracy or dictatorship, monarchy or oligarchy, all nations are given legitimacy in this global body. The UN is top-heavy with almost no degree of unity other than a solitary reactive hatred against the United States or Israel. Its apparent political weakness belies the corrosive acid that eats away at political sovereignty for if a nation does not belong to this "club" then surely it must be up to no good. Hence the power that forms the basis of its existence: political peer pressure. And who can doubt its intentions even if their will is executed poorly? Even the United States, clearly the Superman of the nations today, calls upon this dare I say "august body" to give legitimacy to its foreign policy as in the case of Iraq? Yes indeed my friends, if you are dispirited by the pace of Operation Iraqi Freedom then one cannot put the entire blame on the President of the United States as you can place the many mea culpas upon the United Nations. The Oil for Food program? WMD oversight? The Gulf War of 1991? All of these issues are the direct result of relying upon the United Nations for legitimacy and arbitration. The United Nations body may be corrupt but where ever its flag is flown, the nations genuflect before it and if they don't then they risk war from the collective.

Commercial Babylon

The single most engrossing act of sowing the seeds for a worldwide trading arena was the Bretton Woods Conference held in America towards the end of World War II. Forty Five allied nations attended this meeting and by de jure set up the a) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, b) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and c) International Monetary Fund. All of this accomplished under the political aegis of a Democrat controlled House, Senate and Presidency. A fourth provision was never ratified by the United States, at this time during WWII the Atlas holding up the Western World as the arsenal and army of democracy, that is, the creation of the ITO (International Trade Organisation) which later would be ratified in 1995 as the WTO (World Trade Organisation). From wikipedia we have this tidy little morsel to chew on:

The seminal idea behind the Bretton Woods Conference was the notion of open markets. In Henry Morgenthau's farewell remarks at the conference, he stated that the establishment of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank marked the end of economic nationalism. This meant countries would maintain their national interest, but trade blocks and economic spheres of influence would no longer be their means. The second idea behind the Bretton Woods Conference was joint management of the Western political-economic order. Meaning that the foremost industrial democratic nations must lower barriers to trade and the movement of capital, in addition to their responsibility to govern the system.

The need for postwar Western economic order was resolved with the agreements made on monetary order and open system of trade at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference which allowed for the synthesis of Britain's desire for full employment and economic stability and the United States' desire for free trade.

Vietnam is the latest signatory to this economic arrangement that has grown to 150 nations and the headquarters of the WTO is located in Geneva, Switzerland which so happens to be the "summer home" to the United Nations in Europe. Any nation can join if its willing to allow its "economic nationalism" to take a back seat to the dictates from Geneva. Even communist nations which should by their very nature reject such an economic arrangement have embraced its "values" albeit in the form that best suits their society: gulag capitalism. This form of capitalism, using political prisoners as a labor pool, as practiced currently in the Asian communist nations and once practiced and perhaps even perfected under the Russians provides these nations with the cheap labor (in reality "free" labor) to compete with the more modern industrialized West in an WTO environment. Geneva sets the standards and everyone else must follow or pay the consequences in an economic blockade on a global scale.

Cultural Babylon

Once again Europa leads the way as the Hellene culture of ancient Greece is de rigueur amongst all nations of the world save Russia and perhaps even China. Feminism, homosexuality, hedonism, democracy, philosophy - things associated with the Greco/Roman world have come back big in the 21st Century. This may offer an explanation as to why we see a counterculture movement by Moslems both Sunni and Shia against the West in general and America in particular with the advent of International Islamic Terrorism. For them the worst possible outcome is to be swallowed up by the lascivious Western way which insults their ascetic modus vivendi. Could their reaction to cultural Babylon be a new Sunni Caliphate centered in Egypt and occupying all of Al Arabia from Morocco in the West to the river Euphrates in the East including the entire Arabian Peninsula to the south and up to Anatolia in the North? Even Russia knowing full well the significance of the Hellene Culture upon their once great Czarist Empire has rebelled when the mayor of Moscow recently banished a gay-pride parade in his city upon the pretext that the phallicphile gathering was "satanic". How will China or Japan fare against this nearly impregnable fortress of cultural deviancy? The Western Hemisphere of North and South America clearly have embraced much of the Hellene culture as Christianity clearly has been relegated to the cellar as the crazy aunt that Americans of all stripes think her to be. A world-wide phenomena indeed.

Religious Babylon

I might have relegated this part of Babylon to the cultural "head" but this really has taken a life of its own. Ecumenical religion has been embraced as the new "Pantheon of the Gods". Pick your poison: Catholicism? Protestantism? Judaism? Islam? Hindu? Buddhist? Shinto? Zoroastrianism? Animist? All are welcome in the new order to fit the template of global domination for a politically correct age. No one religion can claim exclusivity with God as this would mean that the other members would be false. Aphrodite? Mars? Zeus? Mercury? Jupiter? Does it really matter? Can't we all just get along? But it does become even more repugnant when we realize that the Catholic Church has taken the lead in being the "go to" guy as they are more than happy to offer their churches as the new temples of worship to the pantheon of gods. Will Rome once more sit supreme as the kingmakers they once were when the Pope crowned its emperors the secular rulers of God on earth? Even now we see the influence of the Pope as the titular head of Catholicism and ultimately all religious orders as he is the only religious figure in the world to receive ambassadors from the other nations of the earth. Will the old cathedrals of Europe and in the world that are so denuded of Christians today be filled up in the pews with the laity of other religions tomorrow?

Where the atheists failed in unifying the people of the world by their rejection of the gods, this new way will ennoble the Babylonian cause and bring legitimacy instead of revolution which has a far more effectual spiritual ardor to imbue the people for not only in this life but for the next as well. Communists denied that they had deified their leaders but now the worship of Caesar will become standard operating procedure as it is sure to be embraced openly. Even in the French Revolution at one point the idea of creating a new religion was considered necessary in order to prevent the revolution from breaking down completely into anarchy. Even in the 20th Century the fact that the global communist revolution dissolved into nothingness might explain why not believing in any divine god was a dead-end road.


Babylon the Great is the next great empire and no one country except Europa can lay claim to its vibrancy nor can any one nation escape its reach. Socialism is the yoke by which the entire earth is to be enslaved and naturally, this political/economic system was an invention of Europe. Has any nation eschewed a socialist construct upon their society?

Even now the edifice of tyranny is being built through technology never witnessed before by mankind. Just over a hundred years ago, there were no airplanes, automobiles, submarines, atom bombs, satellites, rockets, computers, or any other "modern convenience" and yet it feels that it has always been around. And we will see an even greater exponential explosion in technological advances far exceeding anything we may have realized. Even so, with that new technology, man has plunged into national and international war that has consumed hundreds of millions of souls since the beginning of the 20th century. What awaits us in the 21st? Will Babylon unify the world? and will that that be a good thing? Only time will tell.