He who studies history shall know the future for all things come full circle.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Wizard Of AR

What Vladimir Putin is to Russian President Medvedev so William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is to President Elect Barack Hussein Obama. Bill Clinton, puppet master extraordinaire and all around deceiver returns to the Emerald City to sit behind the screen pulling all the necessary levers to accomplish his will. The Wizard of Arkansas indeed. Need a heart? Go see the Wizard! Need some courage? Go see the Wizard! Need a brain? You know what you need to do. After this weeks announcements by the "Obama" administration I had to rub my eyes just to make sure I hadn't been sucked back into some 1990's time warp. I certainly wasn't in Kansas that's for sure. Or was I? Talk about history repeating itself, oi vay!

Ex-Clintonites galore now adorn Barack's regime: Greg Craig, Eric Holder, Tom Dashle, Bill Richardson, Jaime Gorelick, and the Queen of Narnia herself Hillary Rodham Clinton to name but just a few. I could a sworn we just elected Barack Obama but I stand corrected. Zeb Brezinkski call your office there might be a position for you too. Jimma Carter can now go forward as a minister with portfolio, why not? Just make up one for him like say...the Peace Czar! Poor Al Gore if only he too let Bill Clinton drive for him in 2000 he too could have been POTUS at least for 4 years. But alas, he thought he could run on his own with Lieberman at his side. Fool. If Al knows what is good for him he would accept a position as the Enviromental Czar that is just dangling like low hanging fruit for someone to pluck. Better than nothing.

I have to hand it to Billy Bob he is quite a shyster if ever there was one. Governor Bill Clinton came to power by dividing the American electorate with the advent of Ross Perot in 1992. Otherwise, George H Bush would have won again but Perot's "conservative" credentials impaled Bush's no new taxes pledge for all to see. And Bill walked into the Presidency and the rest was history. This time we had another George Bush in office and we should not have been surprised to see Bill Clinton also divide the conservative vote again with his latter day Perot in the man Barack Hussein Obama. Coincidentally, both Obama and Perot have big ears! Yes, its true and they both talk funny. Now, Bill Clinton hovers over the Executive Branch like some poltergeist that refuses to leave. Dishes mysteriously vanish...womens dresses curiously stained...female interns bizarre reactions upon entering the Oval Office...desks bumping up and down for no good reason. Yes, this is the Barack Presidency but with Bill Clinton hiding in the closet watching and breathing heavily.

All Hail the Great AR! Fire and smoke cloud his visage. Who can stand against him? Certainly not Barack Obama. Now that explains why Barack's motto was "Change" which not surprisingly was Bill Clinton's '92 war cry for the Presidency. The audacity of hope indeed, Hope, Arkansas that is. Bill must have learned his lesson well while in Moscow during the Vietnam War perhaps Bill should call up Putin for additional advice? Email will do, I'm sure.

Monday, November 10, 2008

U.S. Marines march past the Marine Corps War Memorial during a wreath laying ceremony in honor of the 233rd Marine Corps birthday. The sculpture of five Marines and a Navy Corpsman raising an American flag atop Mount Siribachi commemorates the 6,800 service members who died capturing the Japanese island of Iwo Jima during World War II. www.navy.mil

Sunday, November 09, 2008

After Action Report

Okay, I admit it, I was wrong. I thought the American people would reject what is obviously to me a big fat phony in the person of Barack Hussein Obama. I stand corrected. I thought the Hillary Holdouts would come to the rescue and boy was I wrong on that one. I'm not sure why I came to that conclusion earlier in the year since the phony feminists during the Clinton era allowed Billy-Bob to run practically naked in the White House without so much as a peep. Why should they come out in favor of McCain since there was no historical precedent for it in the first place?

I was wrong about the South since they normally run with Republicans in most elections since Ronald Reagan but admittedly they barely voted for Obama in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. However they still claimed important states that should have swung to McCain but alas it was not to be. Will the Left now stop accusing "the South" for being closet Confederates from here on out? I doubt it. At least we now know that the South can change their minds. This cannot be said for the North especially in New England which seems to be locked into a perpetual winter of liberal statist politics that sees no apparent thaw in the far future.

I was wrong about Obama's narrow focus on race or should I say his supporters narrow focus on race. I presumed that race was too limiting of a philosophy to unite other ethnic nationalities behind you and your candidate. But here I was wrong again since apparently the hatred of the "White Man" has completely consumed the passion of other nativists in the Democrat Party and her leftwing auxiliaries in Academia, Unions, print and broadcast media, and ACORN type political organizations and other various political machinery too numerous to mention here. Obama's biggest claim to fame is that he beat a white man in a Presidential election that no other black man was able to do.

May I be frank here at this moment? The entire modus vivendi of the Left is to destroy the high position of the White Man and to place all others ahead of him in line. The white man's burden has become the white man's yoke! A yoke of slavery to work and work and work so that others may be promoted above you. For the White Man he must now work harder to outflank this racist policy that has so destroyed our culture and way of life like no other policy devised by man. This current culture came about ironically not by other ethnic races but by white men themselves! White men in positions of power allowed these policies to flourish to achieve their goal of forcing an ethnic and cultural polyglot that was anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Western. And actually, it wasn't just in the United States that this phenomena occurred as it was a global movement that began in the late 19th century and found fertile ground in the 20th Century after two terrible world wars had completely decimated the strong holds of the white man. So now, everywhere you go others are in positions of power except the "evil white man" in places such as Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central and South America and now here in the United States of America. Multiculturalism is a false paradise predicated on the belief that the white man must get his "comeuppance" by losing his entire estate to the natives. Utopia or Hotel California? Or do the two overlap?

Are the American people conservative with a liberal leftwing superstructure? Honestly, I believe that asceticism is often confused for conservatism and that naturally all peoples have a introverted and quiet disposition. This is not conservatism. Most of the great leftists in history have been men of ascetic lifestyles in which they may be misconstrued as a conservative were it not for the fact of their revolutionary ideals. So after all is said and done I believe the majority of American people to be ascetic and leftwing (I offer the rejection of gay marriage and the election of Obama by the people as proof of this apparent dichotomy) and have rejected the ideals of a small government, free enterprise state anchored to a free people with a Christian orientation. Those days, I'm afraid, are long gone. The micro-managing of the people by the state is what the people have chosen and what they shall now enjoy with all that it implies.

Is this a temporary loss of power by conservatives? Will the pendulum swing back in our favor sometime in the future? No, this is a permanent loss and a road of no return as the Left so clearly has admonished in their political doctrines. They are the ones now in power and they know they must fight and kill to maintain their lofty position. The ends and the means justify their actions as far as they are concerned. Brute force is the order of the day as Joe the Plumber so clearly showed us. He will not be the last.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This was my reaction two years ago in the 2006 mid-term elections and still holds tonight. The American people have given up the War On Terror and more importantly the election to the Presidency of the most powerful nation on earth of a man with a middle name like Hussein is the capstone on the American century. Its over. The era of prosperity is over. The era of America is over. Victory is the word that none shall speak. Only retreat and defeat militarily, economically, politically and culturally will be the order of the day.

Obama is a flim-flam man and a complete fraud. Only now will America slowly realize the mistake she has made. However, I believe this is the road of no return. There are nations in history that have taken their corner to utter destruction. Now its America's turn. This is what the 60's peacnik generation has wrought. They have damned America with their evil policies and the American people will suffer for it. After all it takes two to tango. The American people could have said no but chose to say yes. Yes out of fear? Yes out of guilt? Pick your poison.

Under the Obama regime you can fully expect a complete economic contraction from a 15 - 13 Trillion GDP to somewhere between a 10 - 8 Trillion GDP. You can expect a federal budget somewhere between 4 - 6 Trillion dollars. Iraq is finished and Afghanistan too precarious to keep occupied. Pakistan will fall to the Taliban inspired insurgency against that leftist government. The defense budget axed to pieces and any future weapons systems placed in stasis if not eliminated. The socialist policies will now give way to fascistic governance the likes of which America has never witnessed. There will be no going back. Even if Republicans should get the White House back four years from now they will not reverse these policies anymore than they reversed them in the last 27 years.

Did Senator John McCain let us down? Perhaps. Perhaps he was too soft and too gregarious and too much of a moderate to handle such lefty cronyism in Obama and Biden. But in the end the American people are to blame. It is their sons fighting overseas and their pensions on Wall Street that should have at least kept them from pulling the lever for Barack Obama. They owe it to our men and women fighting overseas but alas the American people have shrunk before the enemies of America. Now, the Presidency is in the hands of a complete moron. I know, you thought it was GW who was the moron. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Sorry, McCain, I don't support this usurper and never will. The Left has betrayed America and now the world will see what happens when they will have to defend themselves as the Left will betray the world. Idiots them all. Obama proclaimed himself a citizen of the world and I know not this man who claims to be a citizen of America. The American media have finally did their duty and placed a leftwing stooge on the throne. If it weren't for the mainstream media then Obama would have been gone way back in the democrat primaries. Therefore, congratulations goes out to the media! Job well done.

The War On Terror is over but the War Of Terror continues. I guess Osama Bin Laden was right after all.