He who studies history shall know the future for all things come full circle.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Thou shalt have no other gods before me sayeth the Lord and as such I refuse to worship the man Barack Hussein Obama. The constant adulation of the senator from Illinois is really getting nauseous and annoying to the point that I have to turn off the television news coverage even though I love politics. There is only so much one can take as the "loyal opposition" and this years inauguration of the 44th President will have to go down in history not as the first "black man" accepting the purple of the Presidency (he is half-white after all) but as the first inauguration it which a mere mortal was elevated to deity!

Is this sour grapes on my part? No, it really isn't. I've sensed for a long time that the Republic has so far decayed beyond repair that it would only be a matter of time before a true swindler would arrive on the political scene and usurp the throne in America. I just hadn't considered that it would occur so soon after Bill Clinton left office in 2000. I considered Bill Clinton as the greatest swindler of all time and truly unworthy to hold the office of the President since being Commander and Chief of the armed forces and he being a draft-dodger completely and one hundred percent disqualified him as President which was chief among many wrong things about this man from Hope. When he was elected to office in 1992 then I did have sour grapes but this time in 2008 it feels much different.

It seems to me that we are in history making times. I know, every year is "history making" however, when I say history making I mean to say life-altering events that will go down in history as truly momentous and no I'm not talking about Obama being elected to the Presidency. America's role in the world as the Atlas holding up the West seems to be teetering on decline; the economic might of the United States appears on its last legs; the corruption and cynicism in politics that is so pervasive from municipal to federal offices the leftwing tilt in our culture augers a rejection of Christendom in America unknown to us since our founding; the complete breakdown of law and order from the faraway borders of our country to the inner most cesspool of our cities; the micro-managing of our lives by government in all facets of our daily life and of course the ever increasing appetite of the federal budget truly means something big and bad will occur in which the United States will cease to be superpower as we have known it since World War II. Finally, there is the War On Terror and all of the implications that belongs to Obama's actions whether for or against continuing as we have in Afghanistan and Iraq. All arrows are pointing down and I don't foresee the United States emerging from the Obama Administration any stronger but actually much weaker than before.

I did lament last summer that the political contests between two powerful political families, Clinton and Bush, represented a Hatfield and McCoy picture that refuses to cease and desist for the good of the Republic. How long has it been since the Bush's and the Clinton's have been fighting for the Presidency? Since 1988 when GH Bush came to power and really we could go as far back as 1980 when GH Bush was elected as Vice President is when we see this rather unfortunate situation arise in which the nation is held hostage to these squabbling political families. A blood feud indeed. The election of Barack Hussein Obama is just the latest gunshot from the Clinton side across the property of the Bush Family plot that hopefully will go unanswered just for the sake of future generations. However, it appears that even Jeb Bush can't resist the power of the "ring" and he too has sent out feelers to see how his ascendancy as a Senator (Florida) could set himself up much like that other scoundrel, Hillary Rodham Clinton from New York, to the Presidency by including a stent in the Senate before he runs for the Oval Office. Thankfully, he decided it would be bad timing considering the dismal approval ratings of his brother GW that he decided to bow out while his good name remains intact. We may consider Jeb's political considerations a very bad omen because its quite possible that Obama may get so bad that it will make GW Bush's reign look like Camelot in comparison and thus the American people will easily gravitate to Jeb should he decide to run for the highest political office in the future.

I know the current worship of Barack Obama is a symptom of both leftwing political revenge and a souless character that refuses to worship the Creator but instead bows before the creature. Atheists themselves say they don't worship the gods but this isn't really honest now is it? They too worhip gods but gods that they can see and in this case they can see Obama but they can't see Christ so they genuflect in blind fealty, if I may be so bold, to "the One" known as Barack Hussein Obama. Communists all over the world exhibit this trait of blind fealty to men from Russia and China to Cuba and North Korea and all points in between. The political left in America and Europe are no different were it not for the intervention of the Church and its adherence to Christ that brings us back down to reality that prevents the rise of dictators in the West. The Christian considers all men corrupt and thus we reject the adulation and worship of men as "saviors". That is true progress but sadly we see a rejection of Christianity at all levels of society and so called "ethics" put in its place as an ersatz moral code that can never replace the true Christian character which is built up like an edifice in the soul by the daily inculcation of bible doctrine. Without this edifice there can be no point of reference for men to fall upon in both good and bad times and keep them well grounded in life. Thus, the West is primed for a dictator perhaps even a "super" dictator for the people themselves have rejected bible doctrine.

Long live the Republic.